In 2000 he opens his first workshop is Mykonos island and in 2005 the opening of the shop completes the cycle. Since then, Misento has a steady course in the journey of unique handmade jewels that flow from ancient Greek history and mythology, the stunning blue of the sea and the sky of the Greek landscape and the new, fresh, modern and unstoppable Mykonos!

In 2019 Misento writes a new chapter by opening a new workshop and shop in Tinos island. Tinos is an island with exceptional and unique history, deeply rooted in both ancient Greece and Christianity.

Misento Handmade Jewellery wields natural, raw mixed metal, gold, silver, semi-precious and precious stones, creating jewellery that are sought after for both their exclusivity and durability.

Custom Made
Being a jewellery workshop, we are able to create any design you have in mind.

Misento has many years experience in handmaking custom Jewellery, so whether your aesthetic leans towards the traditional or contemporary we can create a piece that suits your taste. When you contact us, you speak directly with the designer and maker of your jewellery.

Always keen to have your input, we will discuss all possible options with you to put you at ease.